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Me and my three fabulous, prosecco loving friends, are hanging up our heels for the most epic challenge of our lives. Why, when my knees are starting to pack in, would I decide to take this on?

I’ve always had a zest for adventure, but mainly because I’m lucky: I have my healthy, strong willed daughter Amelie but sadly I know too many angel mummies.

It breaks my heart to see what my brave fantastic friends have had to go through and I want to help prevent others from experiencing the same.

I’m so excited and grateful to share this experience in honour of Louis and proud we have the support of family, friends and pretty much the whole of Mobberley!


I’m Nic. I’m married to Stu and we have 2 gorgeous, crazy boys, Oscar and Freddie.

I decided to climb Kili fuelled by prosecco on a school Mum day out.  I woke up the next day and laughed out loud (me? climb a mountain?)
but then I thought, I really want to do this. And now I can’t wait to eventually stand on the Roof of Africa with these 3 inspirational, funny women and feel proud that I have been part of something amazing in memory of a beautiful boy.

I am also doing it for my Mum, who would have thought I was mad but would have supported me in a heartbeat.


I’m Caroline, Louis’ Mummy. I’m married to Gareth and also very proud mummy to Freddie and Evie.

This is the second challenge I have done in memory of Louis after completing the national 3 peaks in 2015 raising over £25,000.

I will continue to raise money until SIDS no longer exists.


I can’t wait to climb Kilimanjaro with Caz, Rach and Nic – what better way to combine breath-taking scenery, having a laugh with mates and the challenge of a lifetime!

Our friendships blossomed through our kids, our love of hiking and our love of fizz!

Caz and I share a special bond as bereaved mums and like her, I find walking helps me manage my grief following the loss of my daughter, Sadie.

I know Louis and Sadie will be close by as we scale the heights of this beautiful mountain.

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